SARS is a satirical, vignette-style, cross-platform video game that started life as a collaborative submission to the Blender 24-hour "funpo" during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns.

The visual style is deliberately pixelated and retro-looking, utilizing ANSI-art assets stored in .ans format.

Gameplay and controls

The player controls an adult primate, scoring points while rescuing juvenile primates from infection by picking them up, then carrying them offscreen.

This must be done while avoiding viruses, TV News paralysis, partisan brainwashing, and toilet paper hoarding.

WASD, arrow keys, or touch move the adult, F may be used to cycle fullscreen modes, ESC quits.

Pre-built executables

Executables are provided here in .zip archives containing all required art and music assets.

Signatures have been provided in the accompanying .asc files, look here for information on verifying the signatures.

Windows (x86-32), MacOS (x86-64), and Linux (x86-64, ARM-32, and ARM-64) all have native executables as of the latest release

If you wish to build from source, you'll need the assets/ directory found within the latest release

WebAssembly port

The Emscripten cross-compilation toolchain produces WebAssembly from C/C++ via LLVM, with specialized support for handling SDL applications, including those utilizing OpenGL ES, via WebGL.

SARS being written in C utilizing SDL should make it well suited to web support via Emscripten, after some minimal conversion of the original's OpenGL 2.1 usage to OpenGL ES 2.0.

An experimental WebAssembly build of the current SARS release playable in your browser has been provided here.

It seems to work reasonably well on modern desktop browsers, mobile support is hit or miss.

If you find the web port entertaining, native builds do perform better.


The complete SARS source is available making it fully reproducible and modifiable.

`git clone --recursive`

Browse on web

*** Note you will need assets found in the latest .zip to run your own build.

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